In the Saddle: S01-E04 | “The Grand Finale”

In the Saddle: Episode 4 “The Grand Finale” covers the amazing finale of the Colorado Open final match. The final game was wrought intensity as the heavy hitters of Scone Polo fought to dethrone last year’s winners, Valiente Polo Team. Scone’s strategy was to take the lead early in order to combat the fast play coordination of not one, but two Cambiaso’s, while Poroto and Adolfo simply tried to do their thing… find holes and score goals. Not only was the day final game a nail biter, but we thousands also had the pleasure of Polo Fest, an all day music and polo festival. Check out this episode to see the highlights of the Colorado Open final as well as to see what PoloFest, the premiere music festival in Denver, is all about!

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