PoloChannel Staff | 10/12/18


A busy weekend is in the works in the Hurlingham Open, as defending champion Ellerstina jumps into the pack Saturday against La Dolfina Polo Ranch in the Z’s tournament debut. We’ll also see the first appearance of La Dolfina, taking on Cria Yatay on Sunday. 

The tournament opened with two full days of play Tuesday and Wednesday. La Ensenada defeated Alegria La Irenita 12-8; La Aguada def. La Dolfina Polo Ranch 7-3; La Albertina def.  La Cañada Daily Racing Form 10-8, and Las Monjitas def. Cria Yatay 14-10.


La Ensenada rolled in with an exceptional performance over Alegria La Irenita. La Ensenada (28-goal team) took Alegria La Irenita (32) by four goals, which translates to an eight-goal difference if it were a handicap match. Despite having a lower handicap rating, La Ensenada dictated play, and it was the duo of Juan Britos (seven goals in the game) and Juan Martin Zubia (four goals) who led the way. Britos was really a stand-out, leading the way and building on his strong performance from England. Alegria La Irenita could not generate offense from the field, with Juan Martin Zavalaeta, Clemente Zavaleta and Fred Mannix scoring a combined three goals. 


La Aguada bounced back after an underwhelming Tortugas Open. They played La Dolfina Polo Ranch in Tortugas and were beaten in every area, but the opening game of Hurlingham was a different story. La Aguada really controlled play and slowed the La Dolfina Polo Ranch team. Diego Cavanagh was the only La Dolfina PR player to make an impact offensively, scoring seven of nine team goals, but La Aguada used a strong passing game, with all four players going forward at different times.


After this week’s round 1 games, here’s how the bracket standings stacked up:  In bracket A, La Aguada and La Ensenada are 1-0; La Dolfina Polo Ranch and Alegria are 0-1. In bracket B, Las Monjitas and La Albertina are 1-0; Cria Yatay and La Cañada Daily Racing Form are 0-1.


Here’s a look ahead at this weekend’s games:


  • La Ensenada and La Aguada play each other after both had strong games. La Ensenada concedes five goals on handicap, but look for Britos to drive them offensively again. They can hold up well against La Aguada with all four players at 7 goals, producing a balanced lineup that matches the style of play of La Aguada.


  • To effectively counter Ellerstina, La Dolfina Polo Ranch will need more firepower from the rest of the team and not just Cavanagh offensively.



  • La Dolfina and Las Monjitas play Cria Yatay and La Canada, respectively. Both La Dolfina and Las Monjitas are the overwhelming favorites. Sapo Caset and Facundo Sola have been very strong for Las Monjitas. La Dolfina, continuing with all four 10-goalers contributing equally, remains a giant hurdle for any team to face.



Photography: Helen Cruden