La Aguada | 10/12/17

The XII La Aguada Selection Horse Sale, will take place on Tuesday November 21, at La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door, Argentina.

The 2017 edition of the sale, one of the most acclaimed events of the high goal season, in Argentina, is expected to be a huge success. As usual, the most renowned horsebreeders as well as players of the Triple Crown, both from Argentina and abroad, international patrons and special guests will be in attendance.

La Aguada Selection Horse Sale always features a fantastic setup and enjoys a large acceptance within the polo community. The sale also helped to improve the genetic and the bloodlines over the years, as shown in the many horses that have been sold and who are currently playing high goal polo.

This year, La Aguada wanted to be back home: the sale will take place in Open Door on Tuesday November 21, at 12pm, which is such big news for this kind of events. The idea is to have people coming to La Aguada to give a look at the horses, have lunch, spend a great time, and continue with the activities in the afternoon – practices, matches, among others.

The sale will feature 12 foals and 3 embryo strings, which means it will be a quick sale and won’t take much time.

Among the products to be auctioned, there will be 7 fillies of O. Honor, a stallion that has been sold in a sale at Ellerstina for a record Price. He’s a brother of O.Medallón, O. Pugliese, O. de Oro, and the recent winner at the Exposición Rural, O. Emblema; as well as a filly of River Slaney, two of Rayo Gringo and one of O. IPhone. All of them are playing the Triple Crown.