Caset Scoring Spree Locks Up a Win for Talandracas

Darlene Ricker | 07/05/17

Caset Scoring Spree Locks Up a Win for Talandracas

In a stunning 12-goal performance, Sapo Caset led Talandracas to a 13-10 victory over Monterosso in

the 2017 Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup on Wednesday. Now ranked #1 player in total number of goals

in the tournament, Caset made all of Talandracas’ goals in the game except for one by Hugo Lewis.


It was an important win for Talandracas that puts their record to 1-1 for the Gold Cup. But they got off to a slow start in a rather plodding game that was punctuated with

fouls. Talandracas trailed Monterosso 7-4 at halftime, having struggled to create and convert their

shots from the field. They only shot 1/5 (20%) in the first half, compared to Monterosso’s 3/6 (50%).

But Talandracas stayed in the game by pressuring the Monterosso defense into fouls, which resulted

in 4 penalty goals for Caset in the first half. Monterosso got only 9 attempts at goal. Meanwhile Santi

Toccalino (Monterosso high-scorer with 6 goals) dosed the game with injections of energy, making

the play of the day on a 160-yard shot straight into goal in the second chukka.


Talandracas won the game for all practical purposes in the fourth and fifth chukkas, stopping

Monterosso in their tracks and keeping them off the scoreboard. Talandracas finally stopped fouling

(only 1 foul over those two chukkas, compared to 6 for Monterosso) and sent Caset to attack the

goal with Pelon Stirling remaining in the back. That led to 6 consecutive goals for Talandracas,

shutting out any hope for Monterosso. Fouls did Monterosso in; giving Caset 8 penalty shots was the

death knell.


The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup continues Thursday with two games at Cowdray Park Polo

Club: Habtoor v. King Power Foxes at noon and La Indiana v. El Remanso at 2 p.m.


All 2017 Gold Cup games are being live streamed on pololine.tv.

Complete tournament schedule and daily game locations:




TOTAL GOALS: Rank #1 (55 goals), taking over the top spot from Hilario Ulloa

MOST GOALS PER GAME: Rank #2 (6.1)

PENALTY GOALS: Rank #6 (76.9%), with 14 more penalty goals than the next closest player