Triple Crown - Part Two

Ron Allen | 03/11/17



The second leg of the American Triple Crown of Polo gets underway this weekend. It’s the start of the 26 goal Gold Cup with only four teams entered: Audi, Coke, Orchard Hill and Valiente. The tournament had eight teams last year.

Audi lost in the final last year to Adolfo Cambiaso and Dubai. This season Adolfo is back on the Valiente squad, which is coming off a big win in the Whitney Cup. They have won the Gold Cup three times and Audi has taken the title twice.

So far, the illustrious Gold Cup has eluded both Coke and Orchard Hill. International Polo Club has been the host of this prestigious tournament since 2007. There have been discussions about lowering the goal level to 22 for next year. A decision on which may come next month.